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This is a question I get so often when someone approaches me after knowing what I’m capable of!

So how much does a car cost?

So this is my usual response. Then I hear, ermmm… it depends on the type of car…. Usually after this, my point has been made. So I begin to ask basic questions to better understand the business/organization and what their requirements are.

Here are a few basic questions.

  1. What do you hope to achieve with this website?
  2. Who are the intended audience?
  3. What kind of interactions (feedback, information) do you want to have with the visitors
  4. What’s your budget? Yes, I ask.
  5. What’s your delivery timeline? 

Other questions usually come up from these questions. So by now I have an idea of what kind of ‘car‘ the user wants and I can place a figure on an estimate. 

In general, each project is unique – even when you say ‘e-commerce’. An understanding of what’s required is vital to estimating the cost and delivering the desired result.

Talk to us and let’s get your next project started.