So how much does a website cost?

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This is a question I get so often when someone approaches me after knowing what I’m capable of! So how much does a car cost? So this is my usual response. Then I hear, ermmm… it depends on the type of car…. Usually after this, my point has been made. So I begin to ask basic […]

Choosing the right blogging platform (or software)

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There are a number of options when starting out your blogging career. Call them software or tools. I will do a run-down of the most common ones (assuming you don’t know yet), giving some insights to why you should choose one and not the other. Blogging Software There are tonnes of blogging software available on […]

3 tips for blogging in the Holiday Season

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During the festive season, your loyal readership is distracted by Christmas and all the associated fun and stress. Usually your blog posts are a welcome relief from the everyday slog that is the working week, but now that the holidays are here, your reader’s priorities have changed. WebCreative offers 3 tips for blogging in holiday. […]